Workshop LUC – Let us Chat

LUC – Let us Chat: Develop a chatbot and have a conversation

Chatbots are ubiquitous: Chatbots provide information, answer customer inquiries or take over the handling of requests for repair. The chatbot as a (mainly) text-based dialog system for text input and output, allow the interaction of user and IT system in as natural language as feasible and automate recurring conversations. In the online workshop LUC (“Let us chat”), participants create a “GreenovationBot” in small teams. In addition to getting to know the procedure for the construction, the phases of ideation, installation, conversional design, technical implementation and deployment are carried out practically. Rule-based, but also text-based methods will be used. The chatbot software “Botpress Server” is used in a cloud environment.

The LUC Fast Track Edition focuses on the ideation and prototyping phase with the help of the tool.