The Idea

The Learning Lab “Digital Technologies” has been initiated by Prof. Dr. Lars Brehm and Prof. Dr. Holger Günzel (both Munich University of Applied Sciences). It teaches digital technology competencies to students – with and without previous IT knowledge.
Other lecturers benefit from the opportunity to integrate a pre-developed and ready-to-use, but also customizable building block into their lectures.

Learning Lab Concept

By following the haptic, collaborative and self-directed learning concept, the students grasp (with hands and mind) and reflect the not directly visible functionalities and architectures of technological devices. The lecturer acts primarily as a coach.
The modular workshop building blocks widen the students’ digital competencies in a playful fashion and lay the foundation for the ensuing course.


Currently, the following streams using different digital technologies are available:

  • Digital Technologies Essentials (Raspberry Pi, sensors and actuators)
  • Learn to Code with Cozmo (Robot Cozmo with Scratch and Python)
  • 360° Virtual Reality Collaborations (360° camera and VR headset)
  • Jump-start into Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning, Python, DNN, TensorFlow)
  • Print Your Own World (CAD and 3D Printing)
  • Cloud Computing Infrastructure (AWS & Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible)
  • Digital Business Foundation (WordPress & e-commerce with Lean Startup Approach)
  • App development (MIT app inventor)
  • Robotic with Python (Robot Cozmo and Python)


The open noncommercial community of lecturers coming from various disciplines focuses the Learning Lab’s constant enhancement and fruitful exchange of experiences.


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