Workshop PMF – Process Management Fundamentals

PMF – Process Management Fundamentals: Modeling, Simulation and Automation of Business Processes

In the workshop “Process Management Fundamentals” (PMF), participants learn the basics of business process management. Processes with organizational units, events, activities and data objects are visualized, tested and implemented in automated workflows using a consistent example. The participants acquire the competence to model processes in BPMN 2.0 (Business Process Model and Notation), to analyze them by means of simulation and to automate them as workflows. The implementation is done with the cloud-based tool Signavio.


The workshop includes the following assignments:

  • First Steps
  • Life is manifold
  • We send us messages
  • Data is key
  • Simulation
  • Initial workflow
  • Workflow extented
  • Next Steps
  • Report
  • Challenge