Workshop GOA – Go Agile

GOA – Go Agile: Hands-on experience of the agile (project) world.

In the “Go Agile” (GOA) workshop, participants learn the basics of agile project management and practically apply Scrum with the required roles, events and artifacts.
The entry into agile project management or the change from classic project management requires sufficient time and practice:
– to build up the necessary “mindset“,
– to live the values and principles and
– to apply the tools and methods in a targeted manner.
In this Learning Lab, the participants are introduced to the terminology, processes and tools of Scrum by working on an agile project step by step and “hands-on” in a team. The contents, such as Scrum Board, Backlog, Sprint Planning, Review or Retrospective, are practically experienced with the help of the browser-based software JIRA (of the company Atlassian) or browser-based Software GitLab .