Saving peatlands using artificial intelligence to protect the climate?

Contribution by Prof. Dr. Holger Günzel (HM)

With the virtualisation of the Learning Lab “JAI” (Jumpstart into Artificial Intelligence), which has been running successfully for several semesters, a new end-to-end project on peatland rescue was introduced.

In the Learning Lab Workshop “JAI”, an initial understanding of both professional and technical approaches to artificial intelligence (AI) is to be generated.

For this purpose, the students are confronted with an unconventional case (, which is to be solved by the students with AI support. The project “Renaturation of peatlands to store CO2” serves to get the participants excited about the topic of AI, but also to sensitise them to ecological application possibilities. Peatlands can make a valuable contribution to climate protection through their ability to store carbon. In the past, many peatlands were deprived of this property through drainage for agricultural use or through the use of the material. To revitalise peatlands, achieving an intact water balance is an important step. The correct adjustment of the water level, taking into account the status quo, is of enormous importance. Satellite-controlled monitoring of soil moisture and analysis by artificial intelligence can show how much water is stored in the soil.

Especially the use of AI for climate protection convinced many participants to work intensively on this workshop.